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Phuket, the June escapade

We were away in the first week of June holiday. Together with my brother's family, we stayed in the Serenity Spa Resort & Residence along Chalong Bay. This time round we've booked a nice 2 rooms apartment overlooking the sea. Here's a video I've made. I've done a time lapsed video of the sky too. Enjoy!

In the Air. ..

Full of expectation and looking forward to see the HQ of my new career.... However, this time round is traveling alone and starts to miss my GEmS. Waiting for boarding time Bye SGP and see you again in 9 days time


why the funny title? Cos' I was in Hong Kong and Macau. All we have done, is buy and eat...buy and eat. Apart from the Sales Review session, we are practically eating ourselves "FAT"..... Short stay of 5 days and I've put on kilos.... can't imagine. šŸ™ Here are some shots taken from the trip.

US of A (Part 2)

here's the part 2 of the photos taken during our US trip.

Florida Disney World

US of A (Part 1)

It's been a good holiday for us, literally from the West to the East and down towards the South-East of USA. Love the time spent with the kids and Ed. Not forgetting our Bi yearly visit to Jesse's. Quality time. I wish time would be slower and it's always a pain to think the holiday is coming to an end. Was just talking to Jesse the other day that it seems only yesterday that we were just hastily planning where to go, and VOOMZ! the holiday and time spent just fly by in a twinkling of an eye. Both kids had a fabulous time traveling and Grace is really cool taking flights as if it's taking a car ride. Just sharing some of the photos from San Francisco and New York. Being in New York, makes me feel so much as if we are in a movie. Even now, it's so much easier to relate to Seth, the places we've visited. Like, "Seth, remember this place?" Seth's all smiley and replied, "Yes! we've been there, New York!" Only if we could walk more and travelled to Manhattan. Nonetheless, the first experience in New York, the feel of the bustling city and the New Yorkers footsteps are quite an extraordinary one. More updates coming up.... Hope your weekend be restful.

Tuesday finds

Trying the best to clear the work from home, the ORACLE system is getting on my nerves and I have to browse other internet sites, while waiting for it to load the configurations. Donkey minutes to do that. System really sucks. Anyway, the hot topic now is AIR TRAVEL. Right, Especially with the eruption of Eyjafjallajƶkull Volcano. The standstill of air traffic control, airlines losses, hotels boom, passengers stranded for route and enroute to Europe. Here are some sites for keeping abreast of the happenings if you are traveling to that part of the world, for planned business trips or for leisure. Athens International Airport Frankfurt Airport Flight Updates Heathrow Airport Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport-Rome Airport Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport Some awesome pictures taken from Eyjafjhallajokull area. Eyjafjhallajokull under the volcano Also, don't miss out the fabulous REALLY BIG GIVEAWAY by Ali Edwards' Sponsors. HUGE HUGE Stuffs.

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On the road trip soon?

here's some travel journal ideas to share if you are planning for on the road documentation. I've wanted to do mine for the past few trips but it's really futile. Empty pages back home, if I ever try, i've only manage a page of words and no pictures to tell the story. I guess this trip, I'll do more of it. Bring along my instax as well!

Shimelle Laine's Travel Journal

Shimelle Laine's travel journal

There's an extensive tutorial of how the journal was made from here.

Ali's version of Travel Journal

Ali Edwards Travel Journal

I really like the Amy Tangerine's free spirited type, especially good for less preparation to bind, and glue the pages. There's one on Brazil and one on Boston-NYC trip. Her simple pre-trip prep:

1. make a little book before the trip
2. take along some supplies
3. glue stuff in as I go.

Amy Tangerine Travel Journal

Amy Tangerine Travel Journal-NY

Amy Tangerine Travel Journal-Boston

And if you are really really too busy for a self make travel journal, try this, buy it from Moleskine online. All that's necessary to know about the city is in the book, it's good for leisure or for business.


However, i especially love the Cahier Book from Moleskine. This would make a good Travel Journal. You can even alter the cover once you are home to touch up the journal.


So, let me not be ambitious, my road trip will then be pack as follow (hope I will document faithfully!)

1. Moleskine Cahier Large Notebook

2. Tape Glue

3. Mini staple kit

4. Mini one hole puncher  

5. Black pen/photo pen (acid-free)

6. Fuji Instax Camera (lots of film rolls)