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Part 2-Good Mail Day

This is for you to drool, bro! 🙂 Finally laid my hands on "the thinker". If only can think, don't work, still richly blessed! *fat hope*

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Prep 10.10.10

What are your plans for the special day? We are likely be going for our ritual ride and maybe a sunrise session? Here's some random photos of the two kids and Seth's interpretation of housefly! 🙂

Mother’s Day

Four years of motherhood., greatest achievement of all these are seeing both little prince and princess growing and learning with tremendous speed that we can nearly catch up with their milestones. Can even manage to scrapbook more of their growth and all. They have been spicing up my life and never fail to amaze me. 🙂 I hope that as the years proceed, I would be more patience and picked up good parenting. -- Post From MiPhone

Part of the world

once a upon a time, it's my favourite song from The Little Mermaid

randomness of family photos

Blessedness - is sleeping cheek to cheek with Grace

The Family is where the heart is comforted, where the days' stress and fatigue are relieve by being close to your loved ones. Seeing such adorable sweethearts, even the naughtiest actions melt away easily.




Freaky Halloween!

hope you had a good roll of scares during the halloween!

A1 good mail day

It just put one in a happy mood when one's mail packages arrived. 🙂 3 books received and thanks a1books.com for sending my books in good condition.

Ed went back to office and packed. While I brought Seth to act3's speech & drama trial class. My lil' prince didn't really fancy the class and was pretty shy throughout the class. Met Li-sa and Megan, so coincident! After class, we head to national library with KC and family. Spent a long while there. Seth and Jasper had their pizza making session at KC's place with June being so ever patient with the kids.

I had a good sweat out at range with KC. Practicing my strokes as will be going for a golf session this coming week. Recent weeks have been spending on books and stuffs. Really have to get my crafty ideas put into action! The flu season is back and the kids are down once again. Hope they recover soon.

good mail day no. 1

Really busy day running about, meetings after meetings. In fact, very tired now after the driving...north-east-west-east-north....arrrgh.

Did quite a fair bit of Rally Art DRIVING as I usually call it especially can't take it when I meet slow drivers on the extreme right lane.
Nonetheless, a good mail day when I see my Banana Republic/Gap Shipment Box carried down by my darling.... 🙂

clothes are fitting and love the pants! 😀 new wardrobe and very happy with my purchase.
I am waiting for my 2nd good mail day and hopefully it'll be this week too

have a great Thursday and I am going to zonk out, zzzzZZZzzzz

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Love this tube

Hello Kitty that you can twist the head, pull out the cap, pull out the toilet paper. Load the toilet roll via the tube end! this is so good and so cute. 🙂 It's our official paper for cleaning! got it at Vivocity and it's the 2nd last. Grab it if you have not. I can't remember the store name though. Think is at level 2, near to toys R us.