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11.03.11 Devastated Japan

Live video by Ustream Viewing the video footage on the news just send chills down my spine seeing the massive destruction the quake of magnitude 8.9 has done to east coast of Japan. Looking back at the fragility of life and materials stuffs, I pray that the victims and families of lives lost be comforted and strong during this trial. We give thanks as well for the everyday we breathe for it's a day when someone else is losing a loved one. Take care my friends.

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Day out fishing

At Labrador Nature Reserve

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take a look at nature’s beauty

I was browsing around my photos in my MBP and came across these few that I would want to share with you. Shots take from the Fuji FinePix f100fd or Canon 350D. may you have a wonderful week ahead with lots of good blessings! 🙂 BTW, so happy that a new life is born and he is totally adorable. Congrats, Karen!