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iPhone App – Rhonna Designs

I've downloaded it on 4th July and have not been using it much till I explored it today. Love the App Design, the Colors and all the Overlays that are so suitable for crafters, creative designers. Rhonna Farrer has launched the Rhonna Designs App for iPhone. You could get it at the AppStore. I have always loved her Vintage Design and scrapbooking designs of ephemera frames and embellishments. She has also taught on bringing the photos to life by adding on of overlays of design frames, quotes and vintage icons. Her creativity and her digital skill is totally admirable. The App allows us to add Overlays, Masks if you want to call it to our photos. As well as frames and quotes with varieties of fonts as well. You could find inspirational quotes for your photos, as we as customized one for telling the photos stories. What makes this App stands out from the rest? It's because the App is designed by one who knows what are the sentiments, the details that scrapbookers / crafters would add onto their photos. Therefore, the workflow is nicely executed. Here are a few of my photos taken today using her Rhonna Designs App.




20130707-003226.jpg Am exciting to be able to add those and finally found a wonderful App that I could incorporate into my documenting of life. Thanks Rhonna!