Creativity in a purpose driven life

Day out fishing

At Labrador Nature Reserve

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Casemate – iPhone 3G

Here's my loot arrived from US. Lovely colors and smooth finishing.

For my dh's iPhone 3G

This is mine for my iPhone 3GS -- Post From MiPhone

My new lens

Simply love for the close up photos taken. check out the griffin clarifi. Snug fit and comes with a screen protector which I've damage during installation as dust presence on it while applying on my iPhone. You are better off with the existing screen protector that you have got for your iPhone3G. -- Post From MiPhone

Random shots

Some shots taken using the iphone and also camerabag app.

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Raining day

Raining cats & dogs.... So heavy till we were unable to even see Malaysia across the sea.... It's a nice weather to stay in though, being cuddly and doing stuffs. I was telling Ed that I am some crazy woman when it comes to serious concentration to get a passionate task done. I only manage to sleep a couple of hours when I was setting up the new blog look. Troubleshooting, testing and researching,.. Man! It's crazy work but enjoyed the process. There are still teethering problems but hope to get them fix asap. Going to my in-laws place now to celebrate my fil's birthday. Here's a cute shot of sweetie and cool dude.

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