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Phuket, the June escapade

We were away in the first week of June holiday. Together with my brother's family, we stayed in the Serenity Spa Resort & Residence along Chalong Bay. This time round we've booked a nice 2 rooms apartment overlooking the sea. Here's a video I've made. I've done a time lapsed video of the sky too. Enjoy!

The first school holiday for Seth

Finally the school holidays are here and it's Seth's first long break. In fact, it shouldn't be any different as we are still sending him to school for daycare. I would think that he should get accustomed to such arrangement since he has been going to childcare at a tender age. However, we.kinda feel bad as we should have taken leave to spend his holiday time with him. It doesn't help when I have to be away on business trip overseas the first weekend of June. Thus to compensate some fun time, we brought both kids to the Army Open House @ Our City last Saturday and Sunday. Both of them had load of funs on rides, photo taking opportunities with the army vehicles as well as collections of tags and pins. They took many rides on the army jeep drive as well. Daddy had quality time spent with them and explaining the army life as well as the national service vocation that he had held before. The show isn't complete without the D3 performance that is out up by the army personnels. The look of the kids waiting for the ride in Terrex. Hoping that the kids holiday be fun-filled and meaningful. Looking forward to his birthday as well!

Tis the season, once again

The decoration has completed and we are done with the kids' pressie. Next up will be the adults gifts. Then preparing the Christmas Eve party. Looking forward to the holidays.

A short getaway

It's a great seclusion getaway when we practically cut ourselves from the work call. Immersing In the nature and and greenery of the island. Kids have fun with the daily swim, no school and also spending time with us. I believe strongly that spending the quality time with them brings the confidence out of them where they are more welling to try new things. Both of the open up fairly quickly even though in a foreign land. When they were greeted by the friendly staffs from the resort, they will also talk to the staffs. We have placed them for an hour of childcare with the resort and went for SPA. They have behaved well and enjoyed their time in the play zone. Grace has also started to swim with float by herself and not worrying we are not holding her. She's adventurous. Here are some shots taken from the holiday.