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Kids say the darnest thing

Hilarious! When the brother's shoe lace came off and he asked the sister to help tie his shoelace.

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While driving towards Queensway Seth:"why are we here, again?" Grace:"just follow." Seth:"But we were here yesterday." Grace:"Today is today, yesterday is yesterday." Seth:"=_='"

while waiting….

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They are cooperative, this moment, each have their own iPhone to play "my little pony". I wish that they are always helping each other and make great achievements.

Yet another weekend passed

The usual Sunday, where we brought the kids for their swimming classes. Somehow, the time passed like lightning when it's Sunday. There was so much that we would like to do but it's never enough time to get the things done. Of course, there's also the thought of finishing up work before the week starts. It's irony that we are to use the weekend to spend time with our loved ones, yet our mind is constantly on work. I guess we have reach a part of life that we know that work will always interfere into our personal life, one way or another. Especially with the advance technology we have now. Here's one instax that was taken with my mini 90 NEO Classic. It's one of the best Instax that I've own with sharpness as well as versatile enough for kids portraits.

20140414-003017.jpg After the swimming class, we headed to Kallang Lesiure Mall for movies. The kids & Marg watched Rio 2 and Jon with us watched Noah. Not too bad for Noah and I believe that most usual movie goers would expect more violent and interesting. However, what I would like to see was that the Genesis being filmed to the truest. Signing off for now, as really tired and eyes closing. Hope you have a great week too!

20140414-003605.jpg Shalom!


via IFTTT It's heartwarming to see the two of them in this photo. I wish that they will always be there for each other and helping each other along, throughout their lives.

Long overdue – first post for 2014

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After making all the admission arrangement for mom in SGH, we went to AVFC for our dinner/supper. Have been a long while since we had BBQ food, it’s yummy and nice. The kids enjoyed it, best of all at this hour, we are not being rushed to finish our food at overly crowded food center. #gemstastic

She said

G:"Seth, you see, I used turquoise and blue to color the sea. very nice one." S looked and turned away back to doing his stuff. G:"Tomorrow, your teacher see the picture, will say, wow, S very nice coloring!" G:"You tell teacher is you color it yourself. Don't say it's your Mei Mei color for you huh." G:"Remember, must say you color it yourself."
Me: kept laughing to myself! Darn, she says the funniest expression. I told the Daddy, and
Daddy asked her, "G, what did you just said." G:"Nothing."

in the arms of grace

It was a productive evening for me as I've packed the crafting corner, adjoining my master bedroom. I've been on a shopping spree and have bags of crafty finds, felt that its enough of stuffing them a aside, I had better pack them in the IKEA kitchen trolley I've bought last week. It was on sale and I am so glad that I've got one as my temporary crafting store island. The glue, stamps, inks, mists, paper packs, washi tapes are now within reach. One more important furniture for me is the following crafting table. This table has been with me since 2005! Though it can't be as mobile as it used to be, cause the castor wheels are wrecked, it has been a very faithful piece of table for all my needs.



I've packed till 11yish in the night and felt satisfied at least now we have walking space and the kitchen trolley can be tug away neatly, leaving us room to walk to our walk-in closet. My two kids were asleep by then and I went into their bedroom to check them out. As usual, I love to be cuddled by Grace and feel close to her when she gives me a hard squeeze. It got me real inspired and I saw mojo coming and pull out a photo I've taken during a shutter sisters' photography inspirations. I have not been scrapbooking for ages! Hope this layout is not my last one and I want to keep the momentum and mojo coming so as I can leave much more memorable stuffs for my descendants. Here's the layout inspired. 20130527-031337.jpg I've used Knee High collection pack Becky Higgins's Project Life Clementine Core Kit Remaining are the small accents I've done myself, from the embellishment sign, I've used quite a few veneer and also washi tapes.

favorite space

favorite space, originally uploaded by <*>GEMS<*>.

a typical weekend

Our typical weekend is always precious as we find that the time flies at lightspeed. It started off with - dragging the kids out of bed. (7.30am) - getting the elder to do his chinese homework (8.30am if we are blessed with him being obedience) - out of house by (9.00am, hardly happen these days) - making our way to Swimming class (10am) - breakfast for both of us (10.15am) - breakfast for them after lesson (11.30am) - chinese lesson (12.45am) - "romantic" chill for both of us (12.45pm~) - this could be outdoors, cafes, groceries shopping - pick the kids up (2.30pm) - anywhere and lately we prefer outdoors where the kids sweat it out (3.00pm~) It's been challenging to get the elder one now to do his homework, he has been less co-operative with our incessant nags. Only happen when the stick or carrots come.... he'll be a bit better. This is only the beginning of primary school education manz! We were at west coast park yesterday. some of the photos taken can be found here.

Singapore Garden Festival

This was taken during the singapore garden festival 2012 held in Suntec. The kids had fun exploring the places and came upon activities like stamping of plants, flowers and barks texture.