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iPhonegraphy Apps

For many of us who blog, I believe that we are constantly looking at mobility when we blog, sharing of our lives stories through social media platforms. Nothing beats having a photo that could tell a story. I've been using my iPhone's camera more often than my DSLR, m4/3, instax. Moments captured by an iPhone are also being used to inspire a scrapbooking layout. I've recently done 2 layouts using my iPhone's photos and the results are quite amazing in my opinion. You can check them out here and here. So what apps do I used for my iPhonegraphy? I've been a faithful user of Hipstamatic I've bought most of the paks and I love the different photos that I've taken which gives me different moods and feels. When you shake your iPhone while using the app, it will set you random selection of lens, films and flashes, combine a surprisingly unexpected outcome of the scene that you try to capture.


20130612-003631.jpg There's even different camera cases that you could select to suit your style when you snap the moments! The other App that I've recently chance upon is VSCO Cam. The user interface of the app is super cool and such well thought user-friendly gestures are rarely found in developers. Moreover, having been an established Visual Supply Co., who deals with filters of digital photos, I must say I am impressed with the presets that I can used to PP my captured moments. Here is a review that you can read of the detail features of this app. The next editing tool app that I used often is snapseed, by google. The moment this app is available, I downloaded and pretty impressed with the iPad version and how intuitive it allowed me to edit my photos, again by gestures. I could do a quick PP and then share out to the social media platforms I chose to, like instagram, Facebook, twitter etc.

20130612-004948.jpg After my editing of photos, I'll add further caption to make the photos more interesting as well as letting my audience know when the moment was captured. I've tried a few and I'm still inclined to use Phonto. It's a Ad-based text editing tool for photos and comes free. It does allow me to upload the fonts that I like and this is awesome! I could have handwriting fonts, doodling, dingbats etc!

20130612-005405.jpg That roughly sums up my iPhonegraphy process and I hope you would like the apps recommended and enjoy capturing the every moments! If you are sharing via socia media, of the photos ,captured, edited, do share with me. instagram @charis21 twitter @emoh Happy iPhonegraphy!

It’s a Glorious Sunday

Sunday, always a lovely start of the week as we worship our Daddy God in The Star. We had a guest speaker, Pastor Brian Houston today! He is from Hillsong Australia and today's message was pretty impactful. He preached about Glorious Ruins and this message was expound from the upcoming release of Hillsong 22nd album, Glorious Ruins in 2nd July. 😉 It's filled with so much of God's love when understanding of God's lifting us up in time of trials, and restoration of ruins like Jerusalem's temple. After service, we went to RWS and wanted to utlised the vouchers before they expire. We were pretty aimless and snapping away like tourists. One such babe like this,

20130603-004144.jpg Then we saw Starbucks, newly renovated. Hopped in to chill off before we had for dinner.






20130603-004418.jpg So after much deliberation, Kind of settled with the Malaysia Food Streets. In fact, I was thinking to do a review of the A3+ printer but guess the sleep bugs looking me up. I need to chill and sleep now. Will come back with the review soon.