I’m flickr-ed!

Thanks to AM! HAHA! Now I am loving it as I became a pro. mosiac 311007 1. freckles, 2. made in england, 3. Cathedral - IV, 4. Some things are just "WOW", 5. Irupé, 6. Sunlight lake, 7. Tangerang frog, 8. ...arguments more conclusive, 9. Jungle 30110, 10. 2007-10-28-7721_EEPC_3jlanterns, 11. DSCN2335, 12. Untitled, 13. Amy Butler Madison Handbag near Flower Pot, 14. Isis, 15. Hello..., 16. Aidan speechless... That's what I can do with flickr. How cool is that. Thanks to Ali, for showing how to come up with this mosiac.

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