Whoop! Got it working finally….with Adriaan

I've been using ecto / ecto3 for the longest time on my Mac, from the days of Powerbook till MBP. Really like this mac tool for blogging a lot until Adriaan pass the torch to illumineX. Things start to stop there... no further development of ecto3 and frustration with the Flickr Helper not displaying the photostream. Adriaan has been a GEM to help resolving some issues and I've finally found the solutions in his blog to make the Flickr Helper and Amazon Helper to work in ecto3.

Now, the next fix is to find the Blog This in 1001 to work for ecto3, I've been having problem to define the html code template for that. If someone can enlighten me what went wrong.

This is the template I've tried to create,


<img src="$url$" width="100%" height="100%"></img><a href="$url$"></a>


However, the image will not display. The html code only display the Flickr folder and not the actual source file address ending with .jpg

Anyway, I am equally please now that I can have the Flickr and Amazon helper working. 🙂