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Playing with Colors

Have you been messing with colors lately? So overjoyed to came upon this STAEDTLER Glitter Gel Crayons @ our local bookstore today. I wasn't filled with much expectation but when I see that they have stated on the box, Gel Crayons, immediately I get my hands on one pack and was eager to try it out at home.

20130531-021553.jpg Then my journey of art class started. It's been such a long while for me to try messing with colors. Tonight's effect is pretty good I must say. Regardless, when will my Faber Castell Gelatos be arriving. 😉 Happy enough to lay my hands on one similar product to the Faber Castell. Following are quite self explanatory.


20130531-022340.jpg So much for now, I totally had fun in the process and gave me better insight of how to apply and mix my colors. Enjoy the Process!

A sweet Saturday to begin with

This was my mood....

When I picked up my parcel from the post office today! Thanks, Brooke for your quick action to my lost kits and the goodies that came along. They made my day. So inspired to scrap and stamp all the lovely designs which I have been drooling for so long!

Check out my stamp kit club at Unity Stamp Company The design team lead by Angela is so talented and creative juice in abundance. Go on and sub one today! -- Post From MiPhone

not again

another online spree for myself.


can't wait to lay my hands on them... pray pray they arrive soon, Especially the Fuji Instax Mini 25. some instax photoblogs/reviews .:my instax life:. .:Instax Mini 25 Review by Nicole Bogatitus:.

I’ve been shot!

Finally I've made the BIG step and got myself SHOT!

Yupz, reserved the unit from my LSS, went down today and spent a bomb, again. 🙁 It's a happy shopping day, where my family (excluding my eldest bro's) was there to see how I got myself the pinky! We have seen the Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro/iPhone unboxing.....

here I have the BIGSHOT unboxing for you!






my *little* Jewel Gear! 😀 Can't wait to lay my hands on it........ but it's a freaking 4am! hahahahaha! Cant' do much now.

Easter Eggs

The very first attempt on Easter eggs painting. The most intricate painting of the lot is done by olive tree. Ha! I am no where near his patience and creative. From this:

To this

--Post From MiPhone

Happy shopping day

it's really great to be able to spend time doing the things I love. I have planned out a few tasks and appointments but 2 didn't came true. Anyway, I am happy to be able to go shopping at Arab Street today. 😀 happy woman with this loot..... arab loot 300309 See the amount of butterflies varieties I've found... 🙂 Here are some layouts done during crop session at AM. .:Love d cuteness in u:. love d cuteness in u lovedcutenessinu-cu .:Little Step:. little step littlestep-insert I have better get some sleep. Managed to solve some teethering issues with regards to the blog. However, just very peeve about not able to set up ecto3 for the blog. If you have any answers to my problem, please let me know.

check out this

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