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Bubbles Fantasy

Bubbles brings lots of laughters and joy to us. Guess there's always the little child in each of us that always felt fascinated with making bubbles, from smallest to the largest that we can ever blow. Be it in the bathroom or buying the bubbles solution. I've got a chance to see how Deni Yang from NYC entertained the children and the enjoyment of the little ones busting bubbles and waiting for the bubbles to reach them. Enjoy this snippet!

Celine’s In Town!

How was your mother's day? loads of love and sweet nothings shower for your mama? I had a super ME time of pre-mother's day celebration by rewarding myself a whole day workshop of 3 Celine Navarro's classes at Made with Love. It was inspiring session especially when Sis came and we had fun time doing the classes, LO class and also the metal album is very refreshing. 🙂 love the talented ladies from france as they are so unassuming and approachable. Karine Cazenave is Celine's travel buddy I guess and they are like long term pals, by the way they tease each other. It's so funny seeing Celine chiding Karine during class.

here are some of the photos taken during the classes.


karine cazenave, me and celine navarro


super duper fun chenta