Creativity in a purpose driven life

Bubbles Fantasy

Bubbles brings lots of laughters and joy to us. Guess there's always the little child in each of us that always felt fascinated with making bubbles, from smallest to the largest that we can ever blow. Be it in the bathroom or buying the bubbles solution. I've got a chance to see how Deni Yang from NYC entertained the children and the enjoyment of the little ones busting bubbles and waiting for the bubbles to reach them. Enjoy this snippet!

The Importance of Being Earnest

This is such an enjoyable play to watch. I love the witty dialogues, I love the Character, Lady Bracknell played by Ivan Heng who is always so brilliant. If you enjoy a comedy sort of play, you should watch this and the whole play entertain you throughout. With the cleverly written playscript by Oscar Wilde, you will not be disappointed. 🙂 The Play is on till 11 April 2009 and the tickets can be purchased here. The first day at work proves to be draining--from excitement, planning, training. It's always good to be excited about a new environment, bosses, colleagues and most important of all, the attitude towards the job. I guess I want to put my 110% into this job and make the business goes well for me, and be a great achiever, but I am also stressing upon myself if I am able to meet the expectation of my boss. It's not gonna be easy and things are going at a very fast pace mode, I hope that I will perform well and be able to gain a foothold in the field I am in. Wish me the Blessings!