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Seth’s Nemo

Seth started his running nose this afternoon, my brother Jon was babysitting him as mom went to Johor. It was pretty exaggerating when Jon smsed me that he has been cleaning Seth’s nose so frequent that he never use so…..

Good Friday-Short Trip

Since a long weekend, we decided to take a short trip up to Malacca and Kluang (Marg’s hometown) Just feel like getting out of SG and have a break. We left SG during lunch time on April 6 in Jon’s…..

Psalms 103

Went to the Gynae’s today to check on the spotting. Felt upset when I realise the spotting comes on Wednesday evening while I was working from my bro’s place. As I was rushing to complete work. Anxiety filled my mind…..

Long Time No See-Hear

Yes, neglected the updates of Seth, what’s going around at home, at work. Quite a fair bit has happened. Close friends would have known and I really thank God for faithful friends and sisters whom comforted and encouraged me during…..

Bad Night

as i chased Seth out of the room and brought him over to my mom’s room to put him in Sarong Swing to sleep. He has been crying none stop for half an hour and nothing pacify him. I am…..

Sharing with Cousin

This was taken at Kluang. In the hotel room, Seth and Jurnus sharing the biscuits. So cute and sweet to share the biscuits. 🙂 Another one here, Jack and the 2 kiddos. Playing outside the Restaurant where the dinner is…..

Panic Attack

This weekend wasn’t very pleasant for me. Too eventful and heart attacks happenings. We were at Kluang for Jon’s and Marg Wedding Dinner yesterday. In the morning, Seth broke my glasses, I got splinter as long as 2 cm went…..

Can’t Sleep

Woke up at 2.45am due to Seth’s crying. Thereafter, he would cry in intervals of 10 mins or such. aiyo. End up, can’t sleep and surf the net doing this and this. Downloaded a few softwares for my E61. Have…..

Rainy days

Woke up a sleepy head. Such a cooling weather, rain spattering on the ground and I so wanna stay home to laze and not to work. Flu starts to come back again, whole night blocked nose and slept with the…..

Lost and Found

Recently read my girlfriend’s blog and found it really nice and neat. So was thinking to re-create one for myself. However, it’s so funny that I realised I registered an account with WordPress in Aug 2006. Now I found the…..