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It’s been awhile…

We packed dinner back to Mom’s place for potluck. Glad that mom get discharged from the hospital. It’s been ages since we last step into chomp chomp food centre. The kids had a great time eating and playing merrily with…..

She said

G:”Seth, you see, I used turquoise and blue to color the sea. very nice one.” S looked and turned away back to doing his stuff. G:”Tomorrow, your teacher see the picture, will say, wow, S very nice coloring!” G:”You tell…..

Phuket, the June escapade

We were away in the first week of June holiday. Together with my brother’s family, we stayed in the Serenity Spa Resort & Residence along Chalong Bay. This time round we’ve booked a nice 2 rooms apartment overlooking the sea……

My Mighty Champion

Asleep finally. But I feel heartache having grilled him through his Chinese revision and he coughing all the way to do it. He too, packed his file for tomorrow’s MS class. This boy is playful but he is also meek……

PAPS | mother & daughter

My sweet princess drew me this picture and shown it to me while I was having my dinner at home. It was a late dinner, as usual after the day’s work. It was a draining day with deadlines. I was…..

PAPS | 3 Generation

National Day 2012

Honestly, have not felt so belonged in ages. Today, we are all anticipating if we will see Lee Kuan Yew attending the NDP2012. The day went on quite uneventfully, as we were out to my in-law’s place to pick up…..

Singapore Garden Festival

This was taken during the singapore garden festival 2012 held in Suntec. The kids had fun exploring the places and came upon activities like stamping of plants, flowers and barks texture.


pondering, originally uploaded by <*>GEMS<*>. Uniquely crafted

The first school holiday for Seth

Finally the school holidays are here and it’s Seth’s first long break. In fact, it shouldn’t be any different as we are still sending him to school for daycare. I would think that he should get accustomed to such arrangement…..