Creativity in a purpose driven life

What a smell!!!!? #gemstastic

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He can’t wait for his show to begin #transformersageofextinction #transformers #gemstastic

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While seeing a 4 year old boy cycling on the road with the family…. Seth:”see, the little boy so small can ride on 2 wheels…. Grace can’t even and has to ride on 4 wheels…” Sternly, Grace:”can I tell the whole world, I eat faster than my brother who is so slow….?” Seth:????

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My Prince Charming #gemstastic

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Having our mommy&daughter selfie @whotels #whotel #sentosacove

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Back at our fav #whotel pool…. Eh

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The Wonderful gesture received from #whotel #sentosacove Seth had the sweetest & superb time birthday on his 9th year @whotels

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She loves it too bits. Enjoying the away room pool @whotels #whotel awesomeness

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#rwsmoments #SnapPlayEat #adventurecove

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Our Blessed Champ is 9 Year Old today! Our God’s Gift, Our Mighty Champion. May you always be oversupply in the goodness of God’s Love, Favour and Grace. For you are called to be the Head. We love you very much. ????????????????????

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