Yet another weekend passed

The usual Sunday, where we brought the kids for their swimming classes. Somehow, the time passed like lightning when it's Sunday. There was so much that we would like to do but it's never enough time to get the things done. Of course, there's also the thought of finishing up work before the week starts. It's irony that we are to use the weekend to spend time with our loved ones, yet our mind is constantly on work. I guess we have reach a part of life that we know that work will always interfere into our personal life, one way or another. Especially with the advance technology we have now. Here's one instax that was taken with my mini 90 NEO Classic. It's one of the best Instax that I've own with sharpness as well as versatile enough for kids portraits.

20140414-003017.jpg After the swimming class, we headed to Kallang Lesiure Mall for movies. The kids & Marg watched Rio 2 and Jon with us watched Noah. Not too bad for Noah and I believe that most usual movie goers would expect more violent and interesting. However, what I would like to see was that the Genesis being filmed to the truest. Signing off for now, as really tired and eyes closing. Hope you have a great week too!

20140414-003605.jpg Shalom!