Creativity in a purpose driven life

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Enjoying the little things #gemstastic

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Running night. #gemstastic

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Kids say the darnest thing

Hilarious! When the brother's shoe lace came off and he asked the sister to help tie his shoelace.

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While driving towards Queensway Seth:"why are we here, again?" Grace:"just follow." Seth:"But we were here yesterday." Grace:"Today is today, yesterday is yesterday." Seth:"=_='"

The kids requested for Mee Siam, Seth can’t finish it and Grace is trying her best. They had sandwich, butter sugar bread prior to the Mee Siam. That’s what I like after the swimming class, they EAT! #gemstastic

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Morning Brunch #gemstastic

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For Him: grapefruit+rock melon+kale+chia seeds For Her: oranges+pineapples+rock melons+blueberries+blackberries+chia seeds #hurom #juicing #fruits #diet #cleanse #breakfast #goodness

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That is real…. He is so engross in his Big NATE from the top #gemstastic

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Like real….. Within 5 mins, she read 3/4 of Geronimo Stilton….

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while waiting….

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They are cooperative, this moment, each have their own iPhone to play "my little pony". I wish that they are always helping each other and make great achievements.