Tiger and a Typer

This is so awesome! My DH bought a dozen Tiger Lager Beer and it came in a sweet crate-like packaging! I've been in love with crates but they are far fetch for me as i do not have friends in wine business. Most often, I will ogle at the crates, appreciating the wood burnt design. Thanks a bunch for my thoughtful DH!
20130702-221259.jpg Not forgetting to share, my first ever Pre-owned Typer! Crown 500. 20130703-074510.jpg I've tried a few typer and even on the lettera 32, cursive typer, I felt this one gives a snappy feel and the even typecast on the paper just captured my eyes.
20130702-223714.jpg The Lettera 32 definitely is off my budget! Lol! Gonna put this into good use and add a different touch of flair to my creations. Hope you had a good day and week ahead. As for me, I am swamped with work, I don't know how I would survive this period. All I could lean towards is God's strength to pull me through! Amen!!