It’s a Glorious Sunday

Sunday, always a lovely start of the week as we worship our Daddy God in The Star. We had a guest speaker, Pastor Brian Houston today! He is from Hillsong Australia and today's message was pretty impactful. He preached about Glorious Ruins and this message was expound from the upcoming release of Hillsong 22nd album, Glorious Ruins in 2nd July. 😉 It's filled with so much of God's love when understanding of God's lifting us up in time of trials, and restoration of ruins like Jerusalem's temple. After service, we went to RWS and wanted to utlised the vouchers before they expire. We were pretty aimless and snapping away like tourists. One such babe like this,

20130603-004144.jpg Then we saw Starbucks, newly renovated. Hopped in to chill off before we had for dinner.






20130603-004418.jpg So after much deliberation, Kind of settled with the Malaysia Food Streets. In fact, I was thinking to do a review of the A3+ printer but guess the sleep bugs looking me up. I need to chill and sleep now. Will come back with the review soon.