inspired – mojo came back home

I've been listless for the longest time. Felt uninspired in the things that I do, at work and at home. I felt that I've spent my time unwisely on K-Drama, iSurfing on gadgets news, just plain wasting time. It's been such a long while since I've finally come back to the one passion I've hold close to my heart : to create. I do at times, de-stressing myself, step into craft stores to have my eyes devouring on the lovely papers, embellishments and of course, succumbed myself to the paper packs and stamps. This time round it was similar nature, when I was waiting to meet someone for discussion of business opportunities that I step into the craft store. I got myself so hung up on the those lovely colors and papers. Kept telling myself I must start something again! Not to be spendthrift, and stash them away. I have to pride myself, despite the constant stress level I am facing, I gave myself the personal time to blog hop on those crafting blogs, and also rekindled the twopeasinabucket love. Twopeas have been improving their website loads. They have also came up with daily scrapbooking/crafting videos for the scrapbookers. I love the free videos a lot. It provides details on the scrapbooking process and also tells us one thing : there's never a perfect way for putting together a scrapbook page, it's ok to trial and error, it's ok to re-adhere your photos, importantly, it's to enjoy the moment of crafting and creativity flows. This brings back the energy of building my inspiration. Viola! I completed my first ever mini album in donkey years! I must give myself the pat on the back, as mojo came back to me! I am really glad I have rekindled the love and getting inspired once again. It shows that having our hobbies are so important for us. This allow us to explore ways of approaching issues at home, at work differently and also more relax to let go and let God. Gladly sharing with you my completed mini album that I've done for my sweet god-daughter.