Creativity in a purpose driven life

Bubbles Fantasy

Bubbles brings lots of laughters and joy to us. Guess there's always the little child in each of us that always felt fascinated with making bubbles, from smallest to the largest that we can ever blow. Be it in the bathroom or buying the bubbles solution. I've got a chance to see how Deni Yang from NYC entertained the children and the enjoyment of the little ones busting bubbles and waiting for the bubbles to reach them. Enjoy this snippet!

My Mighty Champion

Asleep finally. But I feel heartache having grilled him through his Chinese revision and he coughing all the way to do it. He too, packed his file for tomorrow's MS class. This boy is playful but he is also meek. Though he is put under such pressure by me, especially to get his things in order, he never grumbles of the stuffs we asked him to do. Many a time, we put up a harsh front just to get him down to his homework and revision. Going through the times of us reprimanding, reasoning and seemingly giving up, he would still feel the attachment towards us. This makes me thing of the verse from Our Daddy God, Psalms 25:9-10

The meek He will guide in judgment; and the meek He will teach His way. 10 All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth to those who keep His covenant and His testimonies.
My mighty champion, no matter how you have fair in your studies, I'll never give up on you, I'll never stop loving you. For you are the precious gift from our Daddy God, your nature and personality carve into Jesus' likeness. Know that We love you so much.