PAPS | mother & daughter

My sweet princess drew me this picture and shown it to me while I was having my dinner at home. It was a late dinner, as usual after the day's work. It was a draining day with deadlines. I was filled with thoughts of finishing up the deadlines task and told her to wait. She was pestering me again but I told her to put in on the side table. Only the next morning that I saw the drawing she drew and it just warmth my heart. However, the feeling followed by remorse of not paying attention to her when she was filled with eagerness to show me the picture she has drawn for us. Sometimes, we don't slow down to smell the flowers and take a moment to immerse in the things that are most important to us. When the flowers stop blooming, we realize we have missed the beautiful moments of their lives. These apply to our personal lives and to our loved ones around us. We are always busy with mundane stuffs, surfing the net, on our mobile devices. Reading news, rumors and what not. Which we forgot to put down all these and focus our attention to our precious darlings and loved ones. Should we question ourselves what's our purpose of living in these world and what's most important to us? Do we wait till all these important things-personal time and relationships are faded away, that we are regretful?