It’s unusual, but I did it

I have been contemplating on a few purchases in mine, it's not the usual online purchases like amazon or BR, Gap etc. It's to rekindle my passion for something that I wish I have time for,which I have been neglecting. It's sad but I have to acknowledge, I have been very disorganized in terms of time management on the personal and work front. It starts to take a toll on my own well-being as well as to identify the grey line. I feel that I am less healthy mentally, physically due to juggling these routines. So, i was surfing the web and I have gone on to here, decided to sign up since it's still open for registration! Viola! I've did it! committed myself to a session of workshop and divesting my focus to my personal interest again. Of course the idea of blogging with relevance and interests of photography push me forward even more. Glad that I did it. No more hesitation but conviction to spend the time each week to do this workshop. I hope the end results prove to be rewarding and change my perspective of the 1st online learning for me!

2 thoughts on “It’s unusual, but I did it”

  1. So glad you gave yourself the gift of Holly’s class!
    I’ve already learned tons this first week!

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

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