Digitize your Inspirations

I like the idea of digitizing your handwriting and incorporating it in the blog/scrapbooking/photos. Some of the inspirations I've got from the likes of Ali Edwards, which Digital Scrapbooking Products are well sought after. There's Rhonna Farrer's Designs Creative Workshop as well to enable you to put your most radical ideas into digital format. Not forgetting, Jessica Sprague has many online classesas well as free kits to create simple and impacting scrapbooking layouts.
Talking about the tools to use for digitizing your memories, here are some to consider; Wacom (Well-known for digital tablets for design and creativity)There's the Bamboo Create Bamboo Connect Both are for the Beginner to Advance Users .In order for the above to work, you would need applications like Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS. If your busy schedule puts you away from your laptops/desktops and you rely on your mobile devices, likethe iPad. you could also explore scrapbooking apps such as Martha Stewart's CraftStudio or ScrapPad.Of course you should not limit yourself to only scrapbook apps when it comes to creativity. Apps such asPhonto, Labelbox, InstaCollage are good options to digitize your photos with handwriting and post to yoursocial media platforms. As for sketching of drawings, ideas, I have recently came upon this Paper app that's very cool and it allows the customization of your notebook as well. paper2.jpg Paper Stylus plays a big part in sketching, don't they? Therefore, do invest in a good stylus for digitizing yourhandwriting style accurately. Here are some recommendations; (personally tried and best for sketching) Wacom Stylus  Kuel H10 Have fun and unleash your creativity!