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PAPS | mother & daughter

My sweet princess drew me this picture and shown it to me while I was having my dinner at home. It was a late dinner, as usual after the day's work. It was a draining day with deadlines. I was filled with thoughts of finishing up the deadlines task and told her to wait. She was pestering me again but I told her to put in on the side table. Only the next morning that I saw the drawing she drew and it just warmth my heart. However, the feeling followed by remorse of not paying attention to her when she was filled with eagerness to show me the picture she has drawn for us. Sometimes, we don't slow down to smell the flowers and take a moment to immerse in the things that are most important to us. When the flowers stop blooming, we realize we have missed the beautiful moments of their lives. These apply to our personal lives and to our loved ones around us. We are always busy with mundane stuffs, surfing the net, on our mobile devices. Reading news, rumors and what not. Which we forgot to put down all these and focus our attention to our precious darlings and loved ones. Should we question ourselves what's our purpose of living in these world and what's most important to us? Do we wait till all these important things-personal time and relationships are faded away, that we are regretful?  

{inspired-to-create} – What inspires me?

I've started taking the e-class with blogging your way conducted by Holly Becker. The reason for me to relook into the way I am blogging online is because I wanted a focus to the blog that I can document my passionate stuffs. Throughout the years, I've found many different aspects of life inspiring things. However, I have to also admit that not all of these things, which I can focus completely and have a great talent, passion on. During the first week of BYW, we are suppose to blog one of the given topics by Holly. So here I am, beginning the new chapter of my blogging journey. gbtb-lensbabe-kids.jpg Yes, it's this two darlings. The precious and close to my heart. No amount of words can express the inspirations that they have given me. The reason of why I blog, why I scrapbook, why I create the things that I love to. Is to keep memories, moments that happen around them. Even till now, the photographs taken and scrapbook layouts that I've created are of them. At times, the exasperation of parenting journey, the hair pulling experience when the kids refuse to conform to our instructions. However, the little moments of them telling us they love us, the kisses that they gave us and the hugs from the little hands, just melt my heart's away. The days of stress, tiredness, injustice just get washed away when I am welcome by their presence at home, picking them up at school. Then it came to a stage where I want to bring the skill of photography to a next level and also be proficient in it. I invested in gears, reading about photography skills, composition and all. It can only be through practice and practice, trying out different perspective when a camera is in hand. Through the years, find inspirations from photography blogs, magazine and learning from peers whom have like-minded interest as me. I feel privilege as i am working in an IT firm which have many of similar interest whom I can learn from as well. Not forgetting we are able to exchange gears to experiments. The photo taken above was shot from Lens Baby Composer, loan from a good friend of mine and I've tried it out during our trip to Gardens By the Bay. I have taken many many shots and of course out of these, some are moments that I will pick and document in blog or in scrapbook layout. It helps too when my hubby, himself has a keen interest in photography. Therefore, the cameras that we have invested are utilized to their fullest. I do frequently visit sites / blogs to read more about various photography interests. Sites like, Flickr, Shutter Sisters, mu4/3 forum, Ming Thein, The Orange County Family Photographer by Tara Whitney to name a few. These websites give me an amount of knowledge to improve my photography skills and especially important on Journalistic Photography that portray the story by one photo. I hope that the new chapter of my blog will bring altogether the focus of my passion and moving it up to the value chain and create a readership for my friends and visitors. If you are dropping by and is also a fellow avid photographer, tell me what are the key areas that you would like a blog to share about for photography and what keeps you glue to a photography blog. Till my next post… have a blessed week ahead!

It’s unusual, but I did it

I have been contemplating on a few purchases in mine, it's not the usual online purchases like amazon or BR, Gap etc. It's to rekindle my passion for something that I wish I have time for,which I have been neglecting. It's sad but I have to acknowledge, I have been very disorganized in terms of time management on the personal and work front. It starts to take a toll on my own well-being as well as to identify the grey line. I feel that I am less healthy mentally, physically due to juggling these routines. So, i was surfing the web and I have gone on to here, decided to sign up since it's still open for registration! Viola! I've did it! committed myself to a session of workshop and divesting my focus to my personal interest again. Of course the idea of blogging with relevance and interests of photography push me forward even more. Glad that I did it. No more hesitation but conviction to spend the time each week to do this workshop. I hope the end results prove to be rewarding and change my perspective of the 1st online learning for me!

Digitize your Inspirations

I like the idea of digitizing your handwriting and incorporating it in the blog/scrapbooking/photos. Some of the inspirations I've got from the likes of Ali Edwards, which Digital Scrapbooking Products are well sought after. There's Rhonna Farrer's Designs Creative Workshop as well to enable you to put your most radical ideas into digital format. Not forgetting, Jessica Sprague has many online classesas well as free kits to create simple and impacting scrapbooking layouts.
Talking about the tools to use for digitizing your memories, here are some to consider; Wacom (Well-known for digital tablets for design and creativity)There's the Bamboo Create Bamboo Connect Both are for the Beginner to Advance Users .In order for the above to work, you would need applications like Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS. If your busy schedule puts you away from your laptops/desktops and you rely on your mobile devices, likethe iPad. you could also explore scrapbooking apps such as Martha Stewart's CraftStudio or ScrapPad.Of course you should not limit yourself to only scrapbook apps when it comes to creativity. Apps such asPhonto, Labelbox, InstaCollage are good options to digitize your photos with handwriting and post to yoursocial media platforms. As for sketching of drawings, ideas, I have recently came upon this Paper app that's very cool and it allows the customization of your notebook as well. paper2.jpg Paper Stylus plays a big part in sketching, don't they? Therefore, do invest in a good stylus for digitizing yourhandwriting style accurately. Here are some recommendations; (personally tried and best for sketching) Wacom Stylus  Kuel H10 Have fun and unleash your creativity!