National Day 2012

Honestly, have not felt so belonged in ages. Today, we are all anticipating if we will see Lee Kuan Yew attending the NDP2012. The day went on quite uneventfully, as we were out to my in-law's place to pick up my fil. We headed to visit my grandma-in-law, who stays in the old folks home. After the visitation, we went back to in-law's place where we visit our mil whom we have not visit for long. Bad of us to not visit frequently. Good to see that in-laws are well but as they aged, we see the time spent with them lesser, makes our heartaches too. I felt the need to spend more time with them. We went home around noon and get changed. intended to do another outdoor activities but end up, another lazy afternoon spent at my mom's place, eating our hearts out. Deserts and lunch kinda makes me feel I've brought back all the weight which i have tried to shed this 2 weeks.....urrrgh. Last venue before we head back home, Lower Seletar Reservoir for the kids to play bubbles. Breezy and sunny. So, back to the anticipation of seeing MM Lee at NDP2012. We were eagerly seated infront of the TV, kids were chanting when the pledge is coming up. Finally, when we saw that MM Lee came onto Screen, the crowd had the roaring cheers! It goes to show that he is deeply respected in Singapore, regardless of what the Social Media, Anti-PAP folks are spouting about his "Dynasty". Without him, we would not have a place where we call home.

I love Singapore as this is my HOME!

Blessed National Day!