a typical weekend

Our typical weekend is always precious as we find that the time flies at lightspeed. It started off with - dragging the kids out of bed. (7.30am) - getting the elder to do his chinese homework (8.30am if we are blessed with him being obedience) - out of house by (9.00am, hardly happen these days) - making our way to Swimming class (10am) - breakfast for both of us (10.15am) - breakfast for them after lesson (11.30am) - chinese lesson (12.45am) - "romantic" chill for both of us (12.45pm~) - this could be outdoors, cafes, groceries shopping - pick the kids up (2.30pm) - anywhere and lately we prefer outdoors where the kids sweat it out (3.00pm~) It's been challenging to get the elder one now to do his homework, he has been less co-operative with our incessant nags. Only happen when the stick or carrots come.... he'll be a bit better. This is only the beginning of primary school education manz! We were at west coast park yesterday. some of the photos taken can be found here.