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a typical weekend

Our typical weekend is always precious as we find that the time flies at lightspeed. It started off with - dragging the kids out of bed. (7.30am) - getting the elder to do his chinese homework (8.30am if we are blessed with him being obedience) - out of house by (9.00am, hardly happen these days) - making our way to Swimming class (10am) - breakfast for both of us (10.15am) - breakfast for them after lesson (11.30am) - chinese lesson (12.45am) - "romantic" chill for both of us (12.45pm~) - this could be outdoors, cafes, groceries shopping - pick the kids up (2.30pm) - anywhere and lately we prefer outdoors where the kids sweat it out (3.00pm~) It's been challenging to get the elder one now to do his homework, he has been less co-operative with our incessant nags. Only happen when the stick or carrots come.... he'll be a bit better. This is only the beginning of primary school education manz! We were at west coast park yesterday. some of the photos taken can be found here.

Singapore Garden Festival

This was taken during the singapore garden festival 2012 held in Suntec. The kids had fun exploring the places and came upon activities like stamping of plants, flowers and barks texture.

Canon EOS M, Mirrorless System

Image from mu4-3.com Announcement of the EOS M We have a hands-on review as well for the EOS M by TechRadar If you are so eager to get your hands on it, Pre-Order NOW! (links from canonrumors.com



pondering, originally uploaded by <*>GEMS<*>.

Uniquely crafted

Learning the macro way

Recent addition of the OMD EM-5 has caused more explorative photography with Ed. He is on the Dlux5 while I am trying out my new gears. It's really interesting to see the way how macro details are and also with the Raynox DCR250, the close up effect is awesome les my shakey hands..... Lol.... ~ gems ~

yellow bloom

yellow bloom, originally uploaded by <*>GEMS<*>.