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back to blogging

It's been such a loooong loooong while since I last seriously blog about the life's happening. I wished that I have master the time management better and not miss documenting the mid life of mine.

This is what you called mind and heart travels north and south.... (if there's such a saying) I've even bought a couple of lovely journal in hope to at least document my snippets of life, iPhone apps, iPad apps to put my raves and rants in blog. Alas! All are in vain. Nonetheless, to start now is better not to start at all. Knowing that time is ticking and never wait for a moment.

Brief update:

1. Seth's going to P1 next year.

2. Grace's the talkative, expressive nature, can get on the nerves

3. Ed is putting on weight, so am I.

ahhh... sugar and carbo became my good pals during this period. Stress at work, Stress at personal life when it comes to parenting. to give it a percentage, it's a 60/40 weightage. I look forward to a better end year but seemingly impossible for my case. Though this year is one year that's too challenging to speak off. Maybe inside me, deep down, telling me not to remember so much of the lousy year I've been through, that's why the blogging has stopped drastically.

herewith, sharing some of the photos I've taken today at ECP, trying to inject mojo and interest so that I don't let my gears go wasted.....





be back soon... have a great thursday!