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Tis the season, once again

The decoration has completed and we are done with the kids' pressie. Next up will be the adults gifts. Then preparing the Christmas Eve party. Looking forward to the holidays.

our darlings

Their smiles, never fail to warmth my heart

back to blogging

It's been such a loooong loooong while since I last seriously blog about the life's happening. I wished that I have master the time management better and not miss documenting the mid life of mine.

This is what you called mind and heart travels north and south.... (if there's such a saying) I've even bought a couple of lovely journal in hope to at least document my snippets of life, iPhone apps, iPad apps to put my raves and rants in blog. Alas! All are in vain. Nonetheless, to start now is better not to start at all. Knowing that time is ticking and never wait for a moment.

Brief update:

1. Seth's going to P1 next year.

2. Grace's the talkative, expressive nature, can get on the nerves

3. Ed is putting on weight, so am I.

ahhh... sugar and carbo became my good pals during this period. Stress at work, Stress at personal life when it comes to parenting. to give it a percentage, it's a 60/40 weightage. I look forward to a better end year but seemingly impossible for my case. Though this year is one year that's too challenging to speak off. Maybe inside me, deep down, telling me not to remember so much of the lousy year I've been through, that's why the blogging has stopped drastically.

herewith, sharing some of the photos I've taken today at ECP, trying to inject mojo and interest so that I don't let my gears go wasted.....





be back soon... have a great thursday!

lights up my life

lights up my life, originally uploaded by <*>GEMS<*>.
she's 4 years old today!!! So much thoughts about her but now isn't the time to pen down. the little princess is waiting for me to bathe for her now and blow her candles on the princess cake. 🙂

11.03.11 Devastated Japan

Live video by Ustream Viewing the video footage on the news just send chills down my spine seeing the massive destruction the quake of magnitude 8.9 has done to east coast of Japan. Looking back at the fragility of life and materials stuffs, I pray that the victims and families of lives lost be comforted and strong during this trial. We give thanks as well for the everyday we breathe for it's a day when someone else is losing a loved one. Take care my friends.

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hAppY-I did it!

Finally after months of no scrapping, I've completed a layout during my crop session with my crop buddies! So here's one to celebrate the return of mojo!

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Taken for a ride

Missing in action for quite awhile, hiatus and more hiatus. So what have I been up to? Sad to say, lots of work and mojoless for so long. Missed my fav hobbies and time spent with my hobbies. Also, I am engulfed with some bitterness and negativity that it sucks me in darkness. I hate feeling unworthy, incompetent. Therefore, i am looking forward to tomorrow, fellowship with my crop buddies. Nothing beats rejuvenation of energy by having great co., good food, finding inspirations and new toys. Here's one of my new toy from my olive tree, for Valentine's day. Trying to ride it well and go on the road soon. Here's one more mojo light to keep me co., when I see darkness coming. Hope this light reminds me constantly, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Keep moving forward.......