Creativity in a purpose driven life

Part 2-Good Mail Day

This is for you to drool, bro! 🙂 Finally laid my hands on "the thinker". If only can think, don't work, still richly blessed! *fat hope*

-- Post@MiPhone --

Partial Goodmail Day

Why partial? Cos the Speedpost delayed one more of my Amazon order. Peeved! Nonetheless, it's still good to receive this 2 books. Good reads as well. At least to pull me away from my gadgets. Have been like an addict to the Restaurant Story, iPad news...... Though it's a long weekend, I just spent it lazing and shut off from whatever that's around me. Haven't been so lazy for a long while. Only chore I've did, laundry..... Piles of clothing completed and at least a cleared bed to sleep in. The past 2 weeks were not of much pleasant days. Though the 2nd Nov, I've received a bouquet of Tulips, still I am not in much delightfulness. Timing? It sucks really to feel that demands are constantly running in and don't have the means to satisfy the demands of unreasonable customers. Hate hate it of them to do that to us. Freak! Enough said, I would move on, as I always tell myself to cool and not to take words to heart. Not to show displeasure, infront of customers. Be professional. I hope I will learn to grow this part of my life...... Gloomy sky again, hope it's a heavy rain tonight for a good night's rest. -- Post@MiPhone --