It’s been awhile

since I last went to a chalet. I am talking about YEARS! Reminiscing the time in our teens, where going chalet, overnight, barbecue, ghost stories..... Honestly, this has to be the worst unplanned chalet that I've got myself into. It's suppose to be a chalet which my eldest brother and his family to spend their quality time. While, I am looking for a venue to have a mini birthday party for Seth. Really mini=family only party. Not too much to ask for right?

However, ALAS! Some issues cropped up and then we had the chalet to ourselves, with my eldest brother and his youngest daughter only. 🙁 Nonetheless, the laid back feeling is great, shopping for bbq, thrilling! (ya, ya... as if I still have energy to really think of the food to prepare) The sad part of it, I have to get to work tomorrow morning, have a presentation for customer and then half day afternoon off to prepare the bbq stuffs. short time, short party, head home and work on friday again. What a Chalet holiday it is. It's a waste of such big CHALET (bungalow to me) that the occupants are not many, just the two kids running up and down the stairs, my god-daughter, burying herself with her assignment, yada yada stuffs from work and from her mom's. Poor gal.

hope to be back giving some photoblog of the chalet. Also, will need to be working late again for work, and preparing the house for party tomorrow.