US of A (Part 1)

It's been a good holiday for us, literally from the West to the East and down towards the South-East of USA. Love the time spent with the kids and Ed. Not forgetting our Bi yearly visit to Jesse's. Quality time. I wish time would be slower and it's always a pain to think the holiday is coming to an end. Was just talking to Jesse the other day that it seems only yesterday that we were just hastily planning where to go, and VOOMZ! the holiday and time spent just fly by in a twinkling of an eye. Both kids had a fabulous time traveling and Grace is really cool taking flights as if it's taking a car ride. Just sharing some of the photos from San Francisco and New York. Being in New York, makes me feel so much as if we are in a movie. Even now, it's so much easier to relate to Seth, the places we've visited. Like, "Seth, remember this place?" Seth's all smiley and replied, "Yes! we've been there, New York!" Only if we could walk more and travelled to Manhattan. Nonetheless, the first experience in New York, the feel of the bustling city and the New Yorkers footsteps are quite an extraordinary one. More updates coming up.... Hope your weekend be restful.