new look for blogpress

After realizing wordpress page editor allows me to insert images into the links, I have manually redo the mosaic links for the favourite blogs I visit. Hopefully I'll be very faithfully update the links.


Counting down to the days to the business trip and our holiday. I usually love the anticipating period but this time round, I am stressed out due to the workload (usual), kids falling sick, and also how the customer visit will fair. It's the very first trip for me, in work. I was told "so blessed" to go for the trip. But with the high level engagement and the limelight, it will means more $$$ to bring for the co. right? Anyway, not to blog too much about my work. This blog is my personal space for my personal crafting pursue and also what I've love to share with friends. 🙂

I am totally missing my scrapbooking time. Can't recall when's the last time already. Has it been maybe a quarter? So much so I should just do it. Like the NIKE slogan. Forget the procrastinating........

Let's see if my sleepy bug can leave me alone and I can manage a craft or two.

Here's the recap of how my darling boy has grown...


Sweet dreams, thinking