Vision of Tomorrow

I've went for a pre-evaluation yesterday considering the option to go for LASIK. After 3 hours and the 10 mins video, 5 eye tests, 1 eye check, dilating and further eye check, counseling, finally, to the Dr's room for recommendation of which technology would suit the candidate, it's not an easy decision to make. Especially concerning your sight. IMHO, it's a calculated risk to take. no surgery is 100% risk free. Factors to consider (apart from pre-evaluation if you are suitable candidate) : .:your occupation, .:your type of daily activities (outdoor/indoor based, high/low contact exercise) .:your deep research of what type of LASIK to embark. for eg. Blade/Bladeless/EpiLASIK/PRK .:how comfortable/confident are you with the surgeon who is going to do your procedure .:price factor last, why? nowadays, 0% installment plan with credit cards, DBS/OCBC/UOB/RBS/Citibank more websites which may be of interest read: LASIK Surgery Singapore Your Eye Guide Laser Eye Surgery Information Guide[ FDA Guide to LASIK Surgery 10 Dangers of Lasik Surgery iLASIK Important Safety Information Epi-LASIK Eye Surgery: How It Works Lasik and All-Laser Lasik Flap Healing If you are considering going for the Singapore LASIK Clinics, check out the following Clinics :

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  1. Chloe says:

    so are u gonna or rather are u suitable candidate?

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