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Special moments like this

We brought Ed's parents to Tiong Poh Road this morning for breakfast. This is a rare session for us since Ed's dad is always out at work. We had this opportunity to have both his dad and mom with us after bringing them to pay respect to Ed's grandpa. It's the Chinese tradition we called as QingMing Jie.

Yummy salmon

Yummy salmon and I must say the Ichiban Sushi at Causeway Point is one of the best outlet I've been to. Good food, warm service

randomness of family photos

Blessedness - is sleeping cheek to cheek with Grace

The Family is where the heart is comforted, where the days' stress and fatigue are relieve by being close to your loved ones. Seeing such adorable sweethearts, even the naughtiest actions melt away easily.




For the Gal Clubbers

Mchelle Phan - Clubbing Makeup Tutorial
Interesting tips on how to line the eyeshadow contour. 🙂 Most of the products used are from LANCOME.

Michelle Phan-Easy Autumn Makeup Tutorial

Easy Autumn MakeUp Tutorial
I have stumbled upon Michelle Phan's YouTube videos and have since enjoy her tutorials. Especially love the clear videography and voice over instructions. She's a STAR! Hope you enjoy her tutorial and subscribe to her youtube channel.

Just a Family Portrait for Feb 2010


have a great weekend!

Avatar-I see you

Leona Lewis - I see you
love the movie, love this....