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Part 2-Good Mail Day

This is for you to drool, bro! 🙂 Finally laid my hands on "the thinker". If only can think, don't work, still richly blessed! *fat hope*

-- Post@MiPhone --

Partial Goodmail Day

Why partial? Cos the Speedpost delayed one more of my Amazon order. Peeved! Nonetheless, it's still good to receive this 2 books. Good reads as well. At least to pull me away from my gadgets. Have been like an addict to the Restaurant Story, iPad news...... Though it's a long weekend, I just spent it lazing and shut off from whatever that's around me. Haven't been so lazy for a long while. Only chore I've did, laundry..... Piles of clothing completed and at least a cleared bed to sleep in. The past 2 weeks were not of much pleasant days. Though the 2nd Nov, I've received a bouquet of Tulips, still I am not in much delightfulness. Timing? It sucks really to feel that demands are constantly running in and don't have the means to satisfy the demands of unreasonable customers. Hate hate it of them to do that to us. Freak! Enough said, I would move on, as I always tell myself to cool and not to take words to heart. Not to show displeasure, infront of customers. Be professional. I hope I will learn to grow this part of my life...... Gloomy sky again, hope it's a heavy rain tonight for a good night's rest. -- Post@MiPhone --

5 years on…

This is my charming mighty champion and looking at him always makes me marvel at how much blessings God has shower us with. -- Post@MiPhone --

Prep 10.10.10

What are your plans for the special day? We are likely be going for our ritual ride and maybe a sunrise session? Here's some random photos of the two kids and Seth's interpretation of housefly! 🙂

A short getaway

It's a great seclusion getaway when we practically cut ourselves from the work call. Immersing In the nature and and greenery of the island. Kids have fun with the daily swim, no school and also spending time with us. I believe strongly that spending the quality time with them brings the confidence out of them where they are more welling to try new things. Both of the open up fairly quickly even though in a foreign land. When they were greeted by the friendly staffs from the resort, they will also talk to the staffs. We have placed them for an hour of childcare with the resort and went for SPA. They have behaved well and enjoyed their time in the play zone. Grace has also started to swim with float by herself and not worrying we are not holding her. She's adventurous. Here are some shots taken from the holiday.

Ignite the film!

Simply talented Apps creators that came up with this awesome iPhone Apps. Check this out at hipstamatic They have also recently created incredibooth (compatible with iPhone4 only) and we can't stop having fun doing it anywhere, anytime! Enjoy!

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why the funny title? Cos' I was in Hong Kong and Macau. All we have done, is buy and eat...buy and eat. Apart from the Sales Review session, we are practically eating ourselves "FAT"..... Short stay of 5 days and I've put on kilos.... can't imagine. 🙁 Here are some shots taken from the trip.

It’s been awhile

since I last went to a chalet. I am talking about YEARS! Reminiscing the time in our teens, where going chalet, overnight, barbecue, ghost stories..... Honestly, this has to be the worst unplanned chalet that I've got myself into. It's suppose to be a chalet which my eldest brother and his family to spend their quality time. While, I am looking for a venue to have a mini birthday party for Seth. Really mini=family only party. Not too much to ask for right?

However, ALAS! Some issues cropped up and then we had the chalet to ourselves, with my eldest brother and his youngest daughter only. 🙁 Nonetheless, the laid back feeling is great, shopping for bbq, thrilling! (ya, ya... as if I still have energy to really think of the food to prepare) The sad part of it, I have to get to work tomorrow morning, have a presentation for customer and then half day afternoon off to prepare the bbq stuffs. short time, short party, head home and work on friday again. What a Chalet holiday it is. It's a waste of such big CHALET (bungalow to me) that the occupants are not many, just the two kids running up and down the stairs, my god-daughter, burying herself with her assignment, yada yada stuffs from work and from her mom's. Poor gal.

hope to be back giving some photoblog of the chalet. Also, will need to be working late again for work, and preparing the house for party tomorrow.