Enjoy the little things

This one layout that I have completed in Oct, 2009. Then the MBP went dead, changed harddisk and now functional with nothing much installed yet. As usual, busy was the excuse given without having time to do the needful.

I miss:





most important of all

>>Being a mother showing TLC towards the kids

Sometimes, I feel so lousy having to always resort to threaten and invoking terrible thoughts to the kids so as to prevent them from doing the mischievous stuffs. I really hope to be more patience with them. I pray that I will slowly transform into a mother of love than of threat. God, without you, I am not able to be what I want to be, so please help me.

This is a reminder of what I hope for.


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  1. Clara Yap says:

    Nice! luv the stamp and the butterfly! ut luv most the photo. Precious moment. 🙂

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