How Fun to Have it in hands

the Hello Kitty Fuji Instax 25 has arrived! Ooow.. I was so inspired to snap with it and I tried a shot in office. Taken my very first virgin shot of Cindy and Bee Kee. 🙂 A bit washed out and I think the blurriness of the photo is due to my shaky hands, being hungry.. haahaha... Here are the loot. 😀

I managed to do a self portrait that turn out quite ok. Also, the colors are pretty cool (muted) and the clarity in auto exposure is acceptable. The fun part of having a Instax is the instant you can see the output of your shot which gives the refreshing feel and eagerness to view how the shot will look like. Anyway, I am now one happy woman, waiting to snap more at my sweet princess birthday party. 🙂 OOh, and I have also edited some photos of the kids, taken for the past weeks.