NDP 2009

NDP 2009, eventful and memorable. Eventful as Grace chipped her front tooth off when she ran and fell down, face flat, hitting her mouth. Heart pain!! She cried badly and the left tooth chipped in awkward ways that resulted in a very sharp pointed tooth. Need to send her to see the dentist soon. We had quite a long wait at the Esplanade Theatre by the Bay. It was a good area where we were still able to watched the parade happenings and also catch the sea activities by the Navy and Air Force. It was Grace first NDP event and she was restless, sweaty. Despite her broken tooth, she ate quite a bit of tidbits, munching happily with her cousins. Here are some photos taken by my Olive Prince nephew and me.

More of the photoes can be view here here's a video of the finale fireworks Time to rest, had a long day teaching my god daughter in card making. Fruitful and fun... hope this week pass by smoothly and yours too.