wee hours

image1447316513.jpgUnable to get back to sleep once disrupted. Grace puked at 2.40am. IRS a whole lot of puked from earlier feedings of breastmilk and she was asleep in fact. Maybe mother's instinct when I heard weird regurgerating sound.....

Part of the bed were soaked with her vomit and we had lil' Missy crying eith shirt all filled with eeeeweeee..... Stuffs.

Now suffering the insomnia... Hope to do a power nap before fighting another day of war at work.

2 thoughts on “wee hours”

  1. AM says:

    Oh dear… doesn’t sound good. Will remember you and family in prayers. {hugs}

  2. avina says:

    Poor thing – both you and the little one! Completely understand how you are feeling! Take care!

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