A1 good mail day

It just put one in a happy mood when one's mail packages arrived. 🙂 3 books received and thanks a1books.com for sending my books in good condition.

Ed went back to office and packed. While I brought Seth to act3's speech & drama trial class. My lil' prince didn't really fancy the class and was pretty shy throughout the class. Met Li-sa and Megan, so coincident! After class, we head to national library with KC and family. Spent a long while there. Seth and Jasper had their pizza making session at KC's place with June being so ever patient with the kids.

I had a good sweat out at range with KC. Practicing my strokes as will be going for a golf session this coming week. Recent weeks have been spending on books and stuffs. Really have to get my crafty ideas put into action! The flu season is back and the kids are down once again. Hope they recover soon.