Mother’s Day this year

This year was spent with the kids and Ed. Usual of shopping, eating, shopping, eating....
Spent a fair bit but it was bargain purchases with MUJI sale, John Little Sale....seems like everywhere is on sale!
A big damage done the night before when i got the whole collection of Claudine Hellmuth's acrylic paints...hahahaha

Anyway, I wanted to take a shot of us in May and here's the latest.


I think I look so weird in this photo. Anyway, as long as the kids and Ed looks good and love the way Grace cool.

4 years of motherhood. So much to hope for, so much that I've went through with the kids. Especially for Grace who has gone through hernia surgery, bacterial infection leading to hospital stay. I would still say, it's lot more joy than anything. As I watch the two of them grow in leaps and bounds, I wish time would stand still sometime for me to enjoy the stage they are at. Motherhood means to me:

.: cute winks from Grace .: Seth's silly stories .: Grace's calling, "mummy, mummy." .: Seth's learning swimming .: Grace starting to walk and then steady stroll .: Seth's crying for toys, cars, Ben10, Lego .: Grace's mucus running, vomits throwing .: Seth's holding my hand .: Grace's playing with my belly button .: Seth's said, "I help you on the air-con ok?" while I am ironing .: Grace's fetish for shoes .: Seth's charming smile .: Grace's cute little nose :.

So much of the things that gives me the experience of motherhood that nothing can trade off. Also, that I realise the effort, the love, the care that my mother has showered unto us, it's all unconditional and makes you appreciate and needing the love even more.

Thank you Mom!! for being you, for being so wonderful! (Though you may not read my blog)

Happy mother's day to all mama!