Another week

Do you ever realize that as you grow older the time just fly past in a twinkling of an eye? We have come to the week 3 of April. Geez! It's tough to hold onto time when one feel you have so much left undone. Every weekend becomes so precious, every Friday is to me a self-day which either I will have crop sessions or scrapping time. However, tonight is not the night for me as Grace is still having her 2nd night of high fever. Anytime she will be awake with discomfort. I need to also complete some test online for my work. Boss has called me to take the test immediate to secure my comm payout in time. That's VERY IMPORTANT! By the time I completed it's already 1.30am! 🙁 No scrapping time, just on my iPhone again browsing and twittering. Hope tomorrow will be a fruitful day and I don't expect we will be shopping but more or at home rest with hopefully some scrapping done. Still putting my BIGSHOT on the dining table! Here's a shot of missy cheeky.

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