Creativity in a purpose driven life

Easter Eggs

The very first attempt on Easter eggs painting. The most intricate painting of the lot is done by olive tree. Ha! I am no where near his patience and creative. From this:

To this

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Waking moments

Dozed off around 11yish, I have no idea I can be so tired. The week ended pretty fast and I am probably still swamp with new environment at work, people and roles. Nonetheless, the week has been good with me being more proactive, trying to be focus, learning, meeting expectations. I would hope that I can master the necessary skills at work to better equip me to have more influx of sales, despite a difficult economic climate. On with a long weekend. My pals at ex-company have gone up to M'sia, Klang. Wish so much to join them but new job and also family commitment do not allow me to have the chance. I managed to catch up a bit with them today though at breakfast. It's good to be around good friends and chat the daily stuffs. Since in a waking moments at 3+ in the wee hours, I do the usual of twitter-reads, blog-browsing and want to share the recent interest I have been reading. Here they are: .: kidslovedesign :. kidslovedesign latest I simply love the contemporary design they share and the products (ranging from furniture, toys that they carry (though with a pricey tag). I am not so much a fan of country-style ID and friends would have known by the visit to my "White House". Check out their blog where they will share with you the latest design trends for kids. From one of the blog post, I came to know of fifi mandirac and her cutesy creation of papeterie and she has an interesting blog as well. Her website is flash-enabled thus if you are on a iPhone/iPod Touch, it's not viewable. .: Shutter Sisters :.

I enjoy inspiring photos and I love the works of Tara Whitney, and lately came upon the Shutter Sisters. They were rank no. 1 in the name your dream assignment contest. Congrats! 🙂 Their project is called Picture Hope.

"Two shutter sisters travel to five continents to create a visual catalog of hope from surprising sources while an entire community of women photographers do the same right here at home.

We are Shutter Sisters Jen Lemen and Stephanie Roberts, and our dream is to tell stories that change you and me forever."

They have a Flickr Community Group - One Word Project which is very inspiring. This month's Theme would of course be HOPE Back on the scrapbooking scene, I am always looking forward to Hip Hop Thursday and will always hop on to my pal's blog for inspiration and do drop by and get the mojo flowing by browsing her creation. *Fantabulous works* I am still waiting impatiently for my Unity Stamp Co.,'s KOM! Oh yes! Almost forgot, tonight is the night where I spent the most on getting my vision gear. Geeez....it's a tough decision to make but I hope I did a good one.. 🙂

Pig heading

Two little piglets in "confrontation".

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