It's another wonderful time with my fellow scrappers and we had 2 more close scrappers to join us. What a ball of time we had. Though on / off my missy is grouchy and needed the attention. She has stayed up with us till almost 3am till she hit the sack. I have managed to produce one LO, love love the Big Shot and must get my hands to it! Hoping to crop more with the gals next time, despite the schedule I expect I would be having at work. the work has started to get challenging and I am required to do account planning and all the account listing. I hope I will be able to sustain the period through and able to learn alot from the fellow colleagues. Have a great weekend and be blessed!

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  1. jowong says:

    Oh Mar!!! Dun tempt me!! but if you are serious about getting “it” sms me…. bwahahha

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