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{family} layout and a gift

The most fulfilling time has just gone by. It's always after the crop session, I will feel so full of INSPIRATION and JOY. Of course the time spend with my dearest sis always make the crop session such an enjoyment.

I've completed a layout of my favorite photo taken just this month. This will be the addition to the current creative display in my living room. 🙂 I am satisfied with the outcome of the creation, nothing too much or too little done. I've also manage to combine a few brands of PP to make this LO.




A definite must to have my BigShot and Sizzix Flowers Layers to be on my layout. 😀 Ain't it sweet?

I've also completed a shadow box gift for Seth's and Grace's PD. She is such a wonderful lady who is always so caring and attentive to them. Hope she'll like this little gift.



the names are cut out using the Sizzix embosslits dies

OK! Got to go as the two lil' monkeys are jumping up and down the bed! ARRRH..... Seth's shouting when Grace's sitting on him...... hiaz. Have a great Sunday!

Desserts Day

Seth's school has organized a desserts day where students make assortment of desserts and sell in school. It's a class effort. Kids have loads of fun and parents can join them and bring the kids to purchase the desserts using coupons.

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Stop! Hitting me!

Ain't it like that when the lil' sister is hitting him?

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Swimming lesson no. 2

This being the 2nd swimming lesson for Seth. He always enjoy the after lesson time and refuse to get out of the pool.

This shot is so precious and they seldom take photo together.

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Park ride

I did not manage to sleep much last night, effectively slept for about 2hrs? Woke up as early as 6+, weather was humid and hot with the rhythemic fan speed Ed has set as Grace's unwell, I can probably die of heat stroke. Anyway, I dragged them all from bed at 10 to 8am, clean up and we headed for McD breakfast. Thereafter, a ride at Sembawang Park. Seth has learnt how to cycle and wants to work him out a bit s that he has better stamina for swimming class. Here are the shots taken this morning.

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Another week

Do you ever realize that as you grow older the time just fly past in a twinkling of an eye? We have come to the week 3 of April. Geez! It's tough to hold onto time when one feel you have so much left undone. Every weekend becomes so precious, every Friday is to me a self-day which either I will have crop sessions or scrapping time. However, tonight is not the night for me as Grace is still having her 2nd night of high fever. Anytime she will be awake with discomfort. I need to also complete some test online for my work. Boss has called me to take the test immediate to secure my comm payout in time. That's VERY IMPORTANT! By the time I completed it's already 1.30am! 🙁 No scrapping time, just on my iPhone again browsing and twittering. Hope tomorrow will be a fruitful day and I don't expect we will be shopping but more or at home rest with hopefully some scrapping done. Still putting my BIGSHOT on the dining table! Here's a shot of missy cheeky.

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the look of us

in April 2009.




lil' missy carrying her bag and throttling down marina barrage on Saturday.

A day of fun and confession

The day was spent having dim sum lunch at marina barrage followed by watching the confession of a shopaholic. Totally hilarious and the kids were pretty well behave throughout the show. The kids had fun at the kidzone, playing ball and chasing one another. Energy spent and Seth dozed off in car while we were on the way back. Grace woke up when we reached the carpark. So full of energy and still watching Playhouse Disney.

The brother is all drained and sleeping soundly.... So how was your day? -- Post From MiPhone

this is really cool!

from Tara's blog. 🙂 isn't it inspiring? A T-mobile life's for sharing campaign advert by Saatchi & Saatchi Here's another version shot in Liverpool

I’ve been shot!

Finally I've made the BIG step and got myself SHOT!

Yupz, reserved the unit from my LSS, went down today and spent a bomb, again. 🙁 It's a happy shopping day, where my family (excluding my eldest bro's) was there to see how I got myself the pinky! We have seen the Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro/iPhone unboxing.....

here I have the BIGSHOT unboxing for you!






my *little* Jewel Gear! 😀 Can't wait to lay my hands on it........ but it's a freaking 4am! hahahahaha! Cant' do much now.