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Starting of a new challenge

A new career awaits tomorrow. Feeling of anticipation of what lies ahead with this new company that I am joining. Indeed, some or most would have commented that I may be putting myself in a unfavorable position to pursue a new role with a MNC, comparing to being in a comfort zone of local company which may give me a job security. However, I put my trust in the Lord and not upon myself or man, trust that HE has paved the way for me and grand me the strength and courage with grace and favours in this new career. I have spent a good 2 weeks break in doing the stuffs that I want to and also plan for myself in other opportunities. I am thankful for God who open a door when He closes one, letting me have a greater revelation of His love for us. Ultimately, I pray for the well being of my family and that we continue to enjoy the love for one another, to lean and hold on to His love. Hope you had a great week ahead and a wonderful weekend. I am looking forward to tomorrow night as I am going for a play with my crop buddy. 🙂 Been years since I watched one. .:Post From MiPhone:.

Happy shopping day

it's really great to be able to spend time doing the things I love. I have planned out a few tasks and appointments but 2 didn't came true. Anyway, I am happy to be able to go shopping at Arab Street today. 😀 happy woman with this loot..... arab loot 300309 See the amount of butterflies varieties I've found... 🙂 Here are some layouts done during crop session at AM. .:Love d cuteness in u:. love d cuteness in u lovedcutenessinu-cu .:Little Step:. little step littlestep-insert I have better get some sleep. Managed to solve some teethering issues with regards to the blog. However, just very peeve about not able to set up ecto3 for the blog. If you have any answers to my problem, please let me know.

Raining day

Raining cats & dogs.... So heavy till we were unable to even see Malaysia across the sea.... It's a nice weather to stay in though, being cuddly and doing stuffs. I was telling Ed that I am some crazy woman when it comes to serious concentration to get a passionate task done. I only manage to sleep a couple of hours when I was setting up the new blog look. Troubleshooting, testing and researching,.. Man! It's crazy work but enjoyed the process. There are still teethering problems but hope to get them fix asap. Going to my in-laws place now to celebrate my fil's birthday. Here's a cute shot of sweetie and cool dude.

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image52994121.jpgPhotogene! This is my quick edit after a few strokes of touch on the iPhone App. Cool!

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image39296416.jpgiPhone using iBlogger

Adding photo in wordpress is doable bug not achievable in blogspot. Bummer!!! hope they come up with a new update soon.