It probably is…..

I never seems to get out of this situation. Overtiredness, lethargic, forgetfulness, impulsive and worry wart. It never came across my mind till I read about the near symptoms of this illness by her. I realize that adults can get into such an illness and it's really amazing how we struggle to keep ourselves sane in this crazy world. Maybe I think too much about it but whatever is shared on Corinne's blog about this illness, I can identify with them. So many parts of it are what I am today. Will I lose it all? It's scary enough to think about it. Time and time again, I never seems to be accomplishing much at work and always such a last minute sort of person with no sense of urgency anymore. I am branding myself, irresponsible, time clueless POS. =( It's Him who is holding on to me and not letting me slip myself away. I feel that without His presence, Him putting sisters in Christ and a wonderful family around me, I would have been in an asylum already. This is all it takes to keep my life from not falling apart. Thank you , Lord for your saving Grace. No matter how much trials in life I have faced and going to face, let me constantly focus on You and your Mercy & Grace.